Bespoke ?

Fine Shirts Made to Order

My Story

At 6’4” I have always struggled to find shirts that fit me correctly. Shirts have always been too short in the body, so that the tail untucks from the top of the trousers, when closing a boot-lid, or reaching for a shelf. Too short in the sleeve, too baggy in the body or too wide across the shoulders. In short simply the wrong shape for my Individual Taller and Broader body proportions.

Our Mission

After experiencing a mixed bag in terms of Service when shopping, in conjunction with an extensive Menswear Design & Retail career, I now know what I want our Shirt Shopping experience to look like.

A Bespoke Concierge Service, with Customer Personalisation at the Centre of what we do. To create an Event that is Convenient and Seamless, underpinned with, deep Product and Fit Knowledge and an Excellent Level of Service.

Richard Bakare